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What Can an Elder Law Attorney Do For Me?

The goals and interests of each client are different. This means that no estate plan is the same at our law office. At Elder Law Group PLLC, our elder law attorney offers thorough and specialized counsel for your social, financial, and legal needs. We can help you...

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How to select your Power of Attorney

You probably have put a lot of thought and effort over the years into protecting your hard-earned money so it will be there when you need it. It only makes sense to put as much thought into selecting a trusted individual to make decisions for you if you become unable...

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The Hazards of Online Legal Forms

The internet can be a wonderful resource for all kinds of information. Use of legal documents, unfortunately, is not one of them. Free online forms that create your Estate Plan might sound enticing, but they will cost you. Bad planning means court involvement,...

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What is the Washington Death with Dignity Act?

In 2008, Washington became the second state to adopt the "Death with Dignity Act." Under this act, medical doctors and osteopathic physicians must prescribe terminally ill patients lethal doses of medication upon request. Of course, there are restrictions to the law,...

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