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An Elder Law Attorney Can Help You Understand Health Care Directives

Dec 24, 2019 | Healthcare Directives

As we get older, we become more vulnerable to different health conditions, some of which may leave us without the ability to express our wishes concerning how much care we want to receive.  To prepare for this possibility, we can use health care directives.  Health care directives are legal instructions about health care, like the removal of life support or instructions to use all available means to sustain life.  Each state has its specific form of legal documentation that are used for this purpose, and an elder law attorney from ELG Estate Planning of Washington state can help ensure your voice is heard through your health care directive.

What Is a Durable Power of Attorney?

A Durable Power of Attorney is a legal document that names someone you trust to manage your financial or medical decisions in the event that you cannot do this yourself. You, the person who has signed the Power of Attorney, are called the Principal. The person you have entrusted is called the Attorney-in-Fact.  There are different kinds of Powers of Attorney, and one that deals only with health care issues is called a Medical Power of Attorney.  A Durable Power of Attorney becomes effective as soon as it is signed unless specified otherwise.  Hiring an elder law attorney like one of the experienced legal professionals at ELG Estate Planning of Washington helps you decide how you and your Attorney-in-Fact will ensure your health care wishes are carried out.

Call To See If You Qualify For A Free Consultation With Our Elder Law Team Today

If you are interested in preparing for your future as you age, call our law office to see if you qualify a free consultation with our elder law team today.  The skilled and experienced attorneys at ELG Estate Planning of Washington are dedicated to helping you clearly state your wishes in solid and understandable legal documents.  We serve the Spokane, Tri-Cities and Seattle areas and are here to help you to reach your goals.  Call us at 509-468-0551 or 206-212-0099 and let us use our extensive resources to help you.

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