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More Than Clients… Family.

At ELG Estate Planning (also known as Elder Law Group PLLC), our passion is relationships with seniors and their families.  We put that sentiment first and foremost in everything we do.  Our greatest sense of accomplishment comes from the relationships we forge with our family of clients.

The total process of completing our needs was exceptional. No way could it have been handled better.


You met my needs and accounted for future scenarios. I do not speak legalese and you patiently explained things I didn’t understand or comprehend. I feel very satisfied with the outcome of my decisions.


Explanations were relatively easy to understand considering the complexity of the material. Staff had endless patience when answering repetitive questions and found alternative ways to explain!


Medicaid was totally foreign to me, and you did everything I asked of you and your team. Very satisfied.


Everyone was very courteous and knowledgeable which enabled my husband and myself to proceed ahead and take the challenging steps needed for hope for the future. Thank you.  Very satisfied.

R.B. and M.B.

Lynn was always so helpful. All questions are answered so there is understanding. I couldn’t ask for better advice/service. You’re all the best I’ve dealt with!


I was thoroughly pleased with the support and professionalism that was exhibited. Thank you again for helping me through this difficult and emotional process.


Your service was great.  Everyone was friendly. I learned a lot from you.


The peace of mind, lessening of stress, knowledge, efficiency, and compassion of Lynn were evident from the start of our relationship. In all, her taking care of business aided in bringing the conclusion to a very stressful, troublesome situation.


You explained my situation in a way I understood and helped me decide the best route to take in a very upsetting time.


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