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Elder Law Group is Eastern Washington’s largest Elder Law firm. With offices in Spokane and Tri-Cities, Elder Law Group is a regional leader in Asset Protection Estate Planning.

Our focus is exclusively Elder Law, which includes Estate Planning, Wills with Asset Protection Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Long-Term Care Strategies, Medicaid, Probate and Estate Administration.

At Elder Law Group, our experienced and compassionate Washington and Idaho Elder Law attorneys understand the challenges that come with aging. We work to address your specific concerns so that you can protect assets for your loved ones and have a secure future.



Frequently Asked Questions About Long-Term Care Planning

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How Gifts Can Affect Medicaid Eligibility

Aug 2, 2019

What are Medicaid’s Gifting Rules?  Under Medicaid law, if you gift assets within five years before applying for Long-Term Care benefits, you will be ineligible for a period of time (called a transfer penalty), depending on how much you give away. While federal tax law allows individuals to gift up to $15,000 a year (in…

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During husband’s accident, hospitalization, subsequent transfer to the care/rehab center for further recovery, his having been given the category of “Observational Status” as opposed to an inpatient by the hospital resulted in his being denied eligibility for Medicare coverage/care/rehab. In being literally catapulted into shock, disbelief, and the pending out-of-pocket costs to come, on good advice to see elder law consult I was given your name and was met by you with such calm, compassion, warmth, genuineness, and one of the nicest cups of hot coffee ever! I left that appointment with you confident that I’d be legally rescued form my caldron of torment and confusion. You and your team painstakingly guided me through what was for me a labyrinth/maze in acquiring ****’s Medicaid approval, as well, too, your beautiful work in our Estate Planning. I so admire your expertise and what I see as a meticulously Herculean effort on your part. You could not have better served us, and we are so grateful to you. You’ve been endlessly accommodating. Very satisfied.
H.W. and B.W.

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