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At Elder Law Group PLLC our passion is relationships with seniors and their families.  We put that sentiment first and foremost in everything we do at Elder Law Group PLLC.  Our greatest sense of accomplishment comes from the relationships we forge with our family of clients.

Good explanation of each process and all done with great concern and care for us and what we were dealing with

R. & G. P.

Lynn, as always, was incredibly organized, attentive, and knowledgeable. My documents exceeded my expectations. I appreciate her attention to detail and creativity in determining how to manage my assets. Everything was personalized, and it was great to have her at my signing. Jo and Sheryl were incredibly responsive and I enjoyed working with them. The quality of my documents and notebook is stellar.

C. H.

Gave us a good understanding of what we needed to take care of problems that would arise without asset protection and wills.

L. & M. R.

From the very beginning you listened to my needs and now I have exactly what I need to take care of my husband.

V. & R. H.

Represented me well to the realtor and creditors.

A. G.

Clarified and explained questions we had in detail especially for blended families.

B. B. & C. B

Absolutely what I needed from the first meeting and told us what was needed and where it was needed. Kept us fully informed always. Jenny is fabulous! We are extremely thankful for the care and service.

D. I.

I felt comfortable that you understood my mothers needs and went out of your way to get things prepared for her.

S. J.

I am happy with your service and have told several people about you.

B. B.

When I came into your offices, my husband was dying from cancer and he had fallen and broken his hip. I as pretty freaked out and just wanted to write a check and go. I didn’t care about the details of me having to take over our finances, or make medical decisions about my husband. Will was amazing. He had me calmed down, paying attention and making decisions. Sheryl, John and even Molly at the front desk are all wonderful.

R. & M. S.

Let our experience be your guide

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