The internet can be a wonderful resource for all kinds of information. Use of legal documents, unfortunately, is not one of them. Free online forms that create your Estate Plan might sound enticing, but they will cost you. Bad planning means court involvement, creditor problems, or worse – you could lose half, to the entirety of your estate from costly litigation.

Laws are State Specific

Each state has its own requirements for Estate Planning documents to be effective. Washington, for example, has specific rules when it comes to Powers of Attorney. Take the time to put an Estate Plan in place and make sure that it’s legally effective. 

Forms Don’t Give You Legal Advice

Filling out a form online for free in your own home means you will miss out on valuable legal advice. What type of Estate Planning do you need? If long-term care is a concern, you might not want a simple Will because it won’t protect assets. The best planning tools aren’t on the internet. By meeting with an Elder Law Attorney, you will learn about options and resources available to you.

Forms Don’t Update You When the Laws Change

A website is not going to notify you when a law changes. An Attorney will. Laws pertaining to Estate Planning documents change, and without updates the effectiveness of your plan is jeopardized. 

A Form is Not A Plan

Time and effort go into establishing a good plan. An Attorney will ask questions about your family, what you hope to accomplish with your Estate Plan, and what assets you need to protect. They will have you consider worst case scenarios so that your preferences are built into the plan.

It may feel a little intrusive, but by asking these questions an Attorney will make recommendations on what solutions best fit your needs. A form is “one-size fits all”, with no regard to your concerns and specific situation.

To find out what Estate Planning tools fit your needs, call 509-468-0551 and meet with the experienced legal team at Elder Law Group.