How Gifts Can Affect Medicaid Eligibility

What are Medicaid's Gifting Rules?  Under Medicaid law, if you gift assets within five years before applying for Long-Term Care benefits, you will be ineligible for a period of time (called a transfer penalty), depending on how much you give away. While federal tax...

Protecting Assets and Qualifying for Medicaid

In our last article, Current Medicaid Standards for Washington, we listed the requirements that must be met in order to qualify for Medicaid Long-Term Care government benefits as of January 2019 for Washington Residents. These benefits pay for Long-Term Care costs....

Current Medicaid Standards for Washington

Medicaid is a great resource for paying for Long-Term Care, but the rules are complex and change frequently. So what are the current Medicaid standards?

About Piper This is Piper. Piper is our office dog. His stats are pretty impressive – he’ll be two in late July but he’s already had two surgeries after eating (1) a large rock; (2) 3 brass fittings. When he’s not sleeping – he puts teenagers to shame...

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Livia’s House and Elder Care Planning

It’s easy in movies and on TV – a character needs assisted living, other characters are predictably upset, some drama follows, ten minutes later the character is in an assisted living home. From The Simpson’s to Happy Gilmore to Trainwreck and many shows in between,...

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