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Creating Joy to Lessen Sorrow at the Holidays

Dec 8, 2021 | Estate Planning

These past couple of years we’ve all experienced a bit of what it’s like to be socially isolated and alone. For most of us, this is only temporary. But for many seniors and people with disabilities living in care facilities, being alone without visits from friends or family is a way of life. Some seniors have outlived their family and friends. And some have just been forgotten by busy family members living across the country.

While this aloneness is felt to some degree all year, it is most acutely felt during the holidays, especially the end-of-the-year festivities where parties and gifts take center stage. But how lonely it must feel for someone who has no one to buy a gift FOR, and no one to receive a gift FROM.

ELG Estate Planning is making a difference for some of these seniors by participating in the Senior Action Network of Eastern Washington’s project to provide gifts for residents of local care facilities who would not otherwise have visitors or gifts for the holidays.

The Senior Action Network of Eastern Washington (SANEWA) consists of Spokane County and surrounding area business owners and passionate individuals who are dedicated to enhancing the lives of seniors. SANEWA assists seniors by providing events and services that enhance healthy, independent and secure lives for seniors, such as organizing its members for the holiday gift giving drive and fundraising for senior-related causes. SANEWA is also dedicated to educating its members on issues affecting seniors and providing business leaders opportunities for networking and sharing resources.

The ELG Team will assist SANEWA in this holiday event by purchasing gifts for a number of residents who are alone, and wrapping the gifts during a “gift wrapping party” at the firm. The newly formed Seattle office of ELG Estate Planning will also create handmade cards and personalized letters for recipients. Santa and his Elf will join the Senior Action Network of Eastern Washington to deliver the presents to the care facilities in time for the holidays.

ELG Estate Planning is proud to participate in a program that can bring a little cheer to the seniors in our community over the holiday season.

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