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An Elder Law Attorney Can Help You Choose Estate Executors and Administrators

Mar 17, 2020 | Probate Law

When you are making a last will and testament, you must choose someone who will carry out the wishes that are expressed in that final document.  This person is called the executor of the will.  If an executor is not named in your will, or if the person named is unable or unwilling to carry out the duties and responsibilities of an executor, then a court will appoint an administrator to carry out these actions.  When you choose an executor of your will, this person should ideally be someone who understands your final wishes and who is capable of carrying them out.  You may also choose more than one executor if you see fit.  Elder Law Group PLLC, of Washington is a great resource for you if you need help drafting a will or choosing an executor.

What Being An Executor Entails

The duties and responsibilities of the executor of a will can be extensive, and all too often, people are not fully prepared to carry them out.  Planning ahead and knowing what to expect are the best ways to prepare an executor for the job.  An executor may be required to do a great deal of paperwork and consult with various court or bank officials, as well as mail certified letters and deal with other family members.  The job requires patience and tact, which can be overwhelming during a time of grief.  If you are a new executor or are someone who wishes to appoint another as the executor of your will, working with an elder law attorney prior to the event may be very helpful in making it all go more smoothly.  The skilled legal staff at Elder Law Group PLLC, will use its knowledge and experience to help prepare your executor to carry out your final wishes.

Call to Schedule a Free Consultation With an Elder Law Attorney Today

If you’re thinking of choosing an executor for your will, call to schedule a free consultation with an elder law attorney today.  Elder Law Group PLLC, of Washington serves the Spokane and Kennewick area and are dedicated to helping you get your final wishes carried out effectively and smoothly.  Call us at 509-468-0551 and let us be your advocate during this important time.

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