Tips For Seniors to Stay Social and ActiveStaying physically active provides health benefits for older adults. Moderate exercise can improve health, even for people with diseases that accompany aging. Staying socially active also provides health benefits for older adults. Social seniors have a slower rate of cognitive decline than their less social peers.
Tips for Seniors to Stay Social and Active
Nurture your relationships. Make an effort to maintain your close personal relationships with family, friends, community members, and other important people in your life. If you are not able to get together with people in person, make an effort to stay connected through telephone calls or emails.
Join a club. Consider joining a book club, art club, or some other type of social meet-up club. Consider what things interest you and find a club focused on that interest. Contact your local senior center to ask for information on clubs in your community.
Volunteer in your community. Many nonprofit organizations are in constant need of volunteers. The tasks may be as simple as stuffing envelopes or sorting donated items. Volunteering gives you the opportunity to help a cause and to be social.
Commit to regular physical activity. Depending on your situation, appropriate physical activity may be daily stretches while seated in a chair, or short walks around the block. For others, appropriate physical activity may be a yoga class, long walks, or bike rides. Consider consulting a physician or other trained health professional before you begin an exercise regime or regular physical activity. It is important to do the activities that are appropriate for your body.
The above list contains just a few of the ways seniors can stay social and active. We encourage you to explore the social and physical activities that work best for you.
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