What is Medicaid's "Five-Year Look Back" Period?When you apply for Medicaid, the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) will look to see if you gifted any assets in the five years prior to your application date. This is Medicaid’s five-year look back period.
The Medicaid transfer of asset rules generally penalize uncompensated transfers, or gifts, made during the five-year look back period. The transfer of asset rules delay eligibility for Medicaid Long-Term Care for a period of time after eligibility. If assets have been gifted, a penalty period is imposed. Currently DSHS imposes a one month penalty for each $9,038 gifted. By way of example, a gift of $108,456 would result in a 12-month penalty period. During this time the applicant would not be eligible for Medicaid Long-Term Care benefits.
Transfers made prior to the look back period are not subject to a penalty period. Transfers which were not made for the purpose of qualifying for Medicaid Long-Term Care benefits should not result in a delay in eligibility. However, there exists a rebuttable presumption that transfers made within the look back period are made for Medicaid eligibility purposes. Also, certain transfers are specifically exempt from the Medicaid transfer rule and do not create a period of ineligibility.
Medicaid transfer rules and eligibility rules are complicated. If you are considering transferring assets, or you have made a transfer in the past five years, and now need to apply for Medicaid, we encourage you to consult with an experienced Elder Law attorney.
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