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May Newsletter 2018

Why You Need a Will

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Elder Law Group PLLC helps clients preserve family assets while obtaining Long-Term Care benefits.

If you die without a Will, the State of Washington, not you, may decide who receives your house, your car, your savings, even your family heirlooms. And if you have a standard Will or a Revocable Living Trust, your spouse will receive your assets with no asset protection against long-term care costs. An Asset Protection Estate Plan™ ensures that your money is protected against creditors, the State, and long-term care costs! Find out what steps you can take now to protect you, your family and your money.

Are you needing assistance with Medicaid benefits? Do you have family assets that are at risk because of a need for Long-Term Care?

For guidance on your Estate Plan, Long-Term Care planning, or other legal needs of seniors, the disabled, or vulnerable adults and their families, CALL ELDER LAW GROUP TODAY!
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Spokane Public Radio
Podcast Series

Plan Well, Age Well – Spokane Public Radio program

Plan Well, Age Well 
Spokane Public Radio hosted an informational series of four one-hour radio segments with the Spokane Elder Resource Team (SERT). The program highlighted the Spokane Elder Resource Team with the group’s goal to be a resource and provide educational information to seniors in the Spokane community on Long-Term Care, Elder Law, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, adult and geriatric care management, senior housing and financial planning. SERT was started in 2014 by Joel Ferris, Jr. to pool the top elder professionals in our area. Elder Law Group has been a part of SERT since 2015.

Listen to the podcast here!

Members of the Spokane Elder Resource Team include:

  • Joel Ferris, Jr. – Long-Term Care Insurance Agent
  • Gail Goeller – Author of “Coming of Age with Aging Parents”
  • Becky Tiller – Tiller Care Strategies, Owner – Geriatric management company
  • Lynn St. Louis – Elder Law Group PLLC, Founder & Attorney
  • Kathy Bryant – EXL Realty, Senior Real Estate Specialist
  • Daria Brown – Fruci & Associates, CPA
  • Dustin Allbery – Independent Financial Planner
  • Dennis Fletcher – Fletcher Financial Group, President

Spokane Events

Estate Planning

Join Lynn St. Louis, Elder Law Group Attorney, on the north side of Spokane this month to learn how Estate Planning can protect your assets. 

Indian Trail Library – Thursday, May 3rd –  5:00 p.m.
4909 W Barnes Road, Spokane

Shadle Park Library – Thursday, May 10th –  5:00 p.m.
2111 W Wellesley Avenue, Spokane


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Empowering Seniors’ Futures
At Elder Law Group we empower seniors’ futures through Asset Protection Estate Planning™. We make sure our clients’ voices are heard and their assets protected.

Whether you are at the beginning of retirement and planning for the future or need assistance with long-term care, Elder Law Group provides guidance and resources to help you have the best quality of life possible.

With the complexities of the social and financial world we live in today, a traditional estate plan cannot protect you against long-term care costs. Let Elder Law Group help give you the peace of mind you deserve through an Asset Protection Estate Plan.

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