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April Newsletter 2018

Medicaid and Fishing Boots

Family Land and Medicaid Help

Lake View
Elder Law Group PLLC helps clients preserve family assets while providing the Medicaid care they need.

Kim felt stuck between her mother’s long-term care needs and the recreational acreage the family had owned for years. Could they get Medicaid benefits to help?

Kim’s family cared about the land. Kim had many warm and comforting memories that took place on the family “rec” land as she was growing up. The property included over 100 acres near the Canadian border with an old rustic cabin surrounded by lush woods and meadows. Kim loved to sleep in her loft bed and gather around the family campfires. She and her friend spent hours traipsing among the trees, spying on small woodland creatures and playing in the stream.

There was also a small pond. That pond was maybe 40 feet across and full of slimy plant growth on the bottom. They wore their swimsuits and rubber rain boots over their bare feet, wading into the dark water, feeling their feet shift under them as they stepped and slid on the bottom. Toward the middle, the water came up to their waists.

One day, jumping and splashing in glee, Kim suddenly began to scream and flail around in the water, crying, “Ahh! Help! Get it off! Get it off!”

Kim shrieked and thrashed her way out of the pond, plopped herself down, and poured pond water out of her boot. Flowing with the water was a 3” silver guppy. The poor fish flopped and swam the little boot stream all the way back into the water, while Kim looked at her friend and started to giggle. They laughed all the way back to the cabin and enjoyed tales around the campfire about Kathy’s unconventional fishing method.

Years later, Kim was in a quandary about keeping the land in the family. It was owned by her mother and three of her mother’s cousins in a joint agreement. Her Mom was now frail, lived in a nursing home, and had almost run out of money. With her Mom’s nursing home expenses at $7,000 a month, the resources dwindled quickly. It was apparent that soon her Mom would need Medicaid benefits. How could they pay her bills and also keep the land for future generations?

The attorneys at Elder Law Group came to the rescue. Using Medicaid Asset Preservation Strategies®, they qualified Kim’s mother for Medicaid Long-Term Care benefits, assuring the continuation of her care. They were able to transfer Mom’s share of the family property to Kim, successfully preserving it for the next generation. Kim could continue to enjoy her kids and grandkids in the woods and the old cabin, the younger ones splashing in the pond, always hoping their boots would hold only their feet and slightly slimy water.

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Spokane Events

Plan Well, Age Well – Spokane Public Radio program

Plan Well, Age Well – Tuesday, April 10th  through Friday, April 13th – 10:00 a.m.

Beginning on Tuesday, April 10th through Friday, April 13th, the programs will air live at 10:00 am each morning on KSFC 91.9 FM and the recorded program will air in the evening the same day on KPBX 91.1 FM. The Plan Well, Age Well series will also be available as a podcast for your listening convenience.

SERT will also be hosting a forum where you can meet the Team and ask us questions. Give us a call for more information (509) 468-0551!

Spokane Public Radio will be hosting an informational series of four one-hour radio segments with the Spokane Elder Resource Team (SERT). This program is to highlight the Spokane Elder Resource Team with the group’s goal to be a resource and provide educational information to seniors in the Spokane community on long-term care, elder law, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, adult and geriatric care management, senior housing and financial planning. SERT was started in 2014 by Joel Ferris, Jr. to pool the top elder professionals in our area. Elder Law Group has been a part of SERT since 2015.

Members of the Spokane Elder Resource Team include:

  • Joel Ferris, Jr. – Long-Term Care Insurance Agent
  • Gail Goeller – Author of “Coming of Age with Aging Parents”
  • Becky Tiller – Tiller Care Strategies, Owner – Geriatric management company
  • Lynn St. Louis – Elder Law Group PLLC, Founder & Attorney
  • Kathy Bryant – EXL Realty, Senior Real Estate Specialist
  • Daria Brown – Fruci & Associates, CPA
  • Dustin Allbery – Independent Financial Planner
  • Dennis Fletcher – Fletcher Financial Group, President
Listen to this podcast from our SERT Team member Daria Brown on Changes in 2018 Tax Laws.

Active Living Expo – Northern Quest Resort & Casino

Active Living Expo – Saturday, April 14th 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Spokane’s premier Active Living Expo brought to you by the Spokesman-Review. The expo highlights health, wellness, travel, leisure, community, and retirement planning for everyone age 55+ and their loved ones.

Join Lynn St. Louis, Elder Law Group Attorney, at our booth and on stage for this special occasion. Contact us for more information on when you can hear Lynn speak!

A portion of all ticket sales will benefit Meals on Wheels for our community.

For more information, please contact events@spokesman.com

Tri-Cities Events

Special Needs Trust for Long-Term Care Planning

Elder Law Group Attorney Liz Wallace discusses how a Special Needs Trust can help with Long-Term Care planning. Workshops are free and open to the public.     
  • When should I start planning for Long-Term Care needs?
  • What is a Special Needs Trust and how can it protect assets?
  • How can I find ways to pay for Long-Term Care expenses? 
CALL OUR OFFICE     509-468-0551 to RSVP!!!

Wednesday, April 18                                            Wednesday, April 25

 Keewaydin Park Library                                                Richland Public Library
405 S Dayton Street                                                       955 Northgate Drive
Kennewick WA                                                                Richland WA
6:30 pm – 7:30 pm                                                       6:00 pm – 7:00 pm


Good news! Our Legal Voice series will be coming to the Tri-Cities this June! Follow us on Facebook and we’ll keep you updated with more details.

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