The Elder Law Group Story


We believe that no one is more deserving of support than seniors.

Everyone at Elder Law Group has experienced first-hand the challenges that come with providing care for aging loved ones.

Our personal stories provide us with a unique perspective on the difficulties faced during a family member's long illness or the passing of a loved one. We are driven to provide the best service and support for you.

At Elder Law Group PLLC we share a desire to make a real difference in the lives of those with whom we work. Our entire team is here to make Elder Law, Estate Planning, Long-Term Care and other important issues as stress-free as possible. We look forward to working with you soon.

Elder Law Group has two offices in Eastern Washington: one in Spokane and one in the Tri-Cities.

Managing Partner


Lynn St. Louis


Our Team

At Elder Law Group PLLC we believe in delivering superior legal service in a comfortable atmosphere. To that end, we are proud to provide the skills and knowledge of a caring and dedicated office team.


Sheryl Owens

Legal Manager

Sheryl is an experienced Paralegal who joined the firm in 2015. She has many years of experience in Estate Planning and Long-Term Care with the last eight years dedicated exclusively to Elder Law. With her emphasis and knowledge in Asset Protection Estate Planning™ and Medicaid Applications, she brings the required resources to Elder Law Group PLLC. She loves working with family members and Elder Law clients to help them achieve their goals and give them peace of mind. Her background also includes comprehensive knowledge of Medicaid and Long-Term Care planning.

When not helping clients she enjoys cooking, hiking and biking. She has two sons and a new grandson. She loves her new role as a grandmother.


Jo Gray


Jo joined our firm in 2018 and brings 15+ years of experience in Estate Planning with her. Jo understands the complexity of Estate Planning and wants to ensure each client’s experience is positive and beneficial. In addition to Estate Planning skills, Jo has extensive knowledge of the probate process and knows the necessity of having clear and concise information. Jo has three grown daughters. She enjoys spending her time with her two English Bulldogs who are quite demanding of her attention, and it goes without saying they are very spoiled!


Jenny Hubbard


Jenny joined our firm in 2018. Her career in the legal field began in Canada where she obtained her education and experience as a Paralegal, in addition to an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration.  Jenny has experience in a variety of legal areas including corporate law, business transactions and real estate. Accordingly, she is excited about assisting families with Asset Protection Estate Planning and is enjoying working with client on Medicaid Asset Protection Strategies.  Jenny is married with 3 children.  She loves spending time with her family doing all things outdoors, including cycling, kayaking, and hiking.


John Gunn


Before joining the firm in 2017, John began his legal career as a teenager working in his father’s law firm. Given that, John has experience in a variety of areas, including tax, corporate, business transactions/litigation, bankruptcy, real estate, and over 10 years of Estate Planning and probate. After decades in the legal field and the death of his parents, John chose to help people with their Estate Planning.
As a Paralegal, John assists our Attorneys with the preparation of our clients’ Asset Protection Estate Planning documents, Medicaid applications, and probate filings. John is married and has two grown sons. He enjoys spending time with his wife, reading fantasy, playing strategy computer games, driving and racing his three cars, and riding his three motorcycles.

181126 Will Clowser

Will Clowser

Client Needs Consultant

Will Clowser joined the firm in 2018 as our Client Needs Consultant.

Will’s deep commitment to helping our clients stems from of being a part of a very large family. Growing up, Will had the fortune of spending time with all of his Great Grandparents. He saw first-hand how aging and long-term care effect families over time.

An Eastern Washington University Cum Laude Graduate of the Government Department, Will has over a decade of high-level Consulting experience.

Outside of Elder Law Group, Will dedicates his time to his family as a father and husband. He and his family enjoy traveling as often as possible. Will is an avid outdoors-man, sports fanatic, and politics/history buff who is always geared up for a good spirited conversation with almost anyone he meets.


Kristy Sauer

Outreach Coordinator

Kristy joined the firm in 2017 as the Outreach Coordinator and takes pride in empowering the futures of our seniors. Before working for Elder, Kristy earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science at Eastern Washington University. Kristy’s past experiences working with individuals and their families have given her an amazing ability to connect with our clients. When she isn’t working, Kristy enjoys spending time with her son Evan. Her main hobby is hot yoga, as she has experienced profound effects of increased physical strength and mental clarity.


Rochelle Cusick

Systems and Operations Coordinator

Rochelle Cusick joined the firm in 2016. As the Systems and Operations Coordinator, Rochelle provides assistance and training to the Elder Law Group team to ensure departmental cohesiveness. With a background in auditing and multiple location administration, Rochelle supports our legal team and clients. Rochelle has deep roots in Spokane and has a love for the Pacific Northwest, where she spends time having adventures with her family and friends.


Marina Graham

Legal Assistant

Marina joined the firm in 2017 as a legal assistant. She brings strong organizational skills and attention to her work supporting our staff and clients. Marina loves the teamwork, respect, and cooperation that characterize the culture of Elder Law Group. Thanks to her own experience with her aging husband as well as parents, she understands many of the challenges our clients face and especially enjoys meeting them.


Marina has eight grown children and ten young grandchildren who she loves to spend time with. She is active in her church, and is also involved in Spokane Folklore Society.


Robin Clark

File Manager

Robin joined our team in 2018. Prior to that time, she cared for her profoundly handicapped daughter. Her years as a caregiver and guardian have provided her with unique insight into the challenges faced by many of our Clients.

She finds it rewarding to help give our elders the peace of mind that comes with knowing the future is safe and secure.

In her spare time, Robin’s passions are knitting and beading, and she loves to travel with her husband and camp with friends and family.


Donna Spurrier


Donna joined the firm in 2018. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from California State University Los Angeles and has over 25 years of experience working in this field. Donna is excited to be a part of this law firm that helps clients protect and empower their futures. Previously life-long residents of Southern California, Donna and her husband Steve relocated to Washington in 2018. They moved here to follow their daughter, son-in-law and two granddaughters. Away from work, Donna enjoys taking walks with her husband, reading, and spending time with her family.



Canine Companion

Piper, an exuberant Yellow Labrador Retriever, joined the firm in July of 2014. Like most Labrador Retrievers, Piper loves everyone he meets and is happy to say “hello” to our clients who don’t mind his wet nose.

Piper is unique in some ways. For one thing, he used to be an indiscriminate eater. As a result, in 2015 he had two surgeries – one to remove a big rock, and a second one to remove three brass fittings, which for some reason, he found delicious. Fortunately, we think he has outgrown these tendencies!



Canine Companion

Willie joined the firm in October of 2016. He is a sweet Chocolate Labrador Retriever and is extra playful and loves spending time outside. He can be seen taking staff members for a walk with the leash dangling from his mouth. Despite his mischievous ways, Willie is very entertaining and a valued part of the Elder Law Group Team.

Together, Willie and Piper are too much fun for one location, so it’s likely you would see only one or the other.